Three Citrus Poppy Seed

A fresh and tangy citrus treat!  Three citrus poppy seed cake is made fresh with delicious lemon, orange, and lime zest, and is so fresh you'll think you're eating fruit straight from the tree.

Three citrus pairs well with cream cheese, lemon curd, or raspberry filling. 


Time to spice up your life.  A favorite for cold weather weddings, spice cake is delicious and flavorful. It's made with grandma's secret recipe, so you know you'll like it.

Spice cake can be made with carrot, raisins, or other fillers as desired.

Spice pairs well with cream cheese filling.


Chocolate cake is made with dark chocolate, and is so rich and decadent you'll think you've gone to heaven.  It's sure to put a smile on all your guests' faces. 

Chocolate pairs well with cream cheese, chocolate mouse, strawberry, or raspberry filling.


A light and nutty cake, almond has a smooth, crisp flavor, and is perfect for a midsummer night's dessert.

Almond cake can be made with poppy seeds or other fillers as desired.

Almond pairs well with chocolate mouse, raspberry, strawberry, or blueberry filling.

Red Velvet

The king is here!  Delicious as it is vibrant, red velvet is warm and sumptuous, and it'll make you feel like royalty.

Red velvet pairs well with chocolate mouse, cream cheese, or blueberry filling.

Other flavors and fillings available upon request.

Recommendations for new and exciting flavors are always welcome!